Beltane Tarot Spread and a Grrrowl-out to the Leopards!

Today is International Leopard Day!

Leopards are listed as “Vulnerable” on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. The leopard is classified as “Endangered” in Central Asia and Sri Lanka and “Critically Endangered” in the Middle East, Russia, and on the Indonesian island of Java.

The leopard is likely the most persecuted large cat in the world. Extinct in 13 countries/regions and possibly extinct in seven more, leopards have vanished from at least two-thirds of their historic range in Africa and 84 percent of their historic range in Eurasia.

The species is threatened by illegal killing for their skins and other body parts used for ceremonial regalia, conflict with local people, rampant bushmeat poaching, and poorly managed trophy hunting.


Happy (Belated) Beltane!!

May 1st is also known as May Day and marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. To celebrate this Wiccan holiday I drew a “May Queen” Tarot Spread (courtesy of Llewellyn) for myself.

Note: Major Arcana (Trump cards) represent life lessons, karmic influences, and archetypal energies that are affecting you right now; and set the scene in a spread – with the other cards relating back to that core Major Arcana meaning. When many Major Arcana cards appear in a spread, the Querent is experiencing life-changing events that will have long-term effects.

The keypoints of this spread are highlighted.

Position 1: Safety
Emotional security.
What you need to feel safe.
Where are you secure in yourself?
The Hermit
Major Arcana card #9

This card in Position #1 makes a lot of sense to me as my emotional stability requires I receive regular amounts of “alone time”. I’m also secure being a lone wolf and doing things differently. In fact, I relish this. I embrace it! Additionally, The Hermit indicates that integrating my Shadow will continue to be of importance to my growth.

Position 2: Abundance
Abundance. Feelings of plenty.
Abundance may encompass monetary prosperity, but it also describes the emotional breadth of your life that is full and sweet.
A challenging card directs you to constricted energy flow; by releasing the block of a challenging card, emotional abundance will follow.
The Hanged Man
Major Arcana card #12

This is perhaps the only card in the spread that appears to be “challenging”.

I’m being told to go with the flow, and to have more patience and faith. I must not keep trying to influence or control outcomes; instead simply set in motion what I can and allow destiny to unfold.

Position 3: Regeneration
Exploring the possibilities.
The bold action needed to grow and flourish.
The Moon
Major Arcana card #18

I loved seeing The Moon in Position 3! Like The Hanged Man, this card symbolizes rebirth and transformation. Deep introspection will lead to regeneration.

Creativity aligning with the subconscious. I am being asked to pay closer attention to psychic messages, symbols, and synchronicities. Subjects regarding occult knowledge are highlighted.

Position 4: Love
Emotions and relationships.
All forms of love, from friendship to sexual passion.
Look at the suit of the card: what does it tell you about your life right now?
Queen of Skulls (Pentacles)

As a Court Card, it represents personal characteristics exhibited in my relationshps. A no-brainer here as the Queen of Skulls (Pentacles) is Mother Earth, providing practical nurturing and support to those she loves which is a natural and normal behavior for me.

Note that this Queen is connected to physical beauty (and health), the arts, animals, and gardening!

Position 5: The Future
The present conceivable outcome based on the flow of cards 1 through 4.
What story do the cards tell?
The lessons to be learned and the potential for growth.

How does Position 3, Regeneration, relate to the future?

Five of Grails (Cups)

In Position 5, the Five of Grails (Cups) indicates a maturing of emotions PLUS the need to let go of the past in order to make room for the future. Indeed. This last point has been appearing regularly for me – and apparently I’m not paying attention!

There is great potential for Rebirth (Regeneration) by learning from losses and disappointments.

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