Lord of Material Happiness

This weekend’s card is the 9 of Grails (Cups).

Ruled by Jupiter (expansive) in Pisces (receptive), the essence of this card is: Happiness, contentment, optimism, and compassion. Abundance surrounds you and you are finding ways to be happy in the present moment. As the “Lord of Material Happiness”, emotional fulfillment here is linked to the physical realm of Being. You are happily tethered to your earthly existence, creating a oneness with Nature and all its creative beauty.

Known as the “wish card”, the 9 of Grails indicates a wish is soon to be granted in a natural and divine manner. What you want is likely to come into being in your life, so dream big!

In Tarot, all nines are related to the Moon. The 9 of Grails is ruled by Pisces whose zodiacal trump card is The Moon. Indeed, in the card above the moon is full and quite grand. Ethereal and illusionary, the Moon represents our unconscious and intuitive self.

Tomorrow is the last Full Moon of 2021 – the Oak Moon – in the sign of Gemini (adaptability). The Moon quickens our psychic abilities while Gemini’s mental acuity will enable us to quickly adapt to any changes in our environment by tuning into our intuition. And guess what? It’s in a harmonious aspect to expansive Jupiter (trine) – which makes this a lucky and benevolent moon phase.

Yesterday I wrote about the 13 Moon-driven Esbats and how they relate to the Celtic Tree Calendar. I love sunshiney days – especially warm ones – and when I see the morning sun shining on the trees outside my window I just know the day’s going to be wondrous. But I also love the mystical quality of the moon as she peaks through gossamer clouds or triumphantly stares down at us on a clear night. (Like she did last night as I walked to the mailbox.)

Just as the sun imparts a masculine vitality during the day, so the Moon fills us with her mysterious feminine energy at night.

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