My Medieval Corn Dolly

‘Kayso, yesterday I celebrated Lammas/Lughnasadh which (witch?) is the first of three Wiccan harvest festivals. I finally got off my butt and made my FIRST corn dolly!!

Corn dollies can be made from any kind of grain – this IS a harvest, after all – including corn.

The word corn (as we know it today), is the name of a particular plant that bares food. In ancient times, the word “corn” really stood for the English equivalent of “grain.” Even the word “dolly” had a different meaning in ancient times: we’re not referring to the Raggedy-Ann or Barbie connotation of the word. The word “dolly” is most likely a slang for “idol,” which stems from the Greek word eidolon, which means “apparition,” or “spirit.” Hence, corn dolly really means “spirit of the grain.” Ancient cultures believed that this “spirit” would be homeless when the fields were harvested and barren, so the corn dolly was a way to give the spirit a comfortable home until the following spring. [source]

Since I was roasting fresh corn I decided to use the entire outer casing of the ear – with stem attached and all. My corn dolly has a decidedly medieval air to her, don’t you think?

Since I don’t have a dedicated altar, I’ve hung her in the kitchen where she will bestow abundance blessings on this home until next August 1st.

Blessed Be.

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