Hairstrike: 6.25.16

So, HAIRSTRIKE @ O’Neill’s in San Mateo. First time there (for me). Nice club, packed house, everyone having a great time. Loved seeing the happily surprised looks on Chris, Matthew, and David’s faces when I walked up to the stage. Last time I saw the band was almost a year ago.

Where was I? Oh yeah, good time to try-out my new toy: Nikon Coolpix camera (much better resolution than an iPod – but still sucks with any kind of movement). The best thing about this new toy is that it’s so thin it fits easily into my “club purses” – it’s way smaller than an iPhone!!!

Well, the little p&s camera I bought has much better resolution on it than the iPod (still sucks big time with movement of any kind, but I have NO intention of getting any contraption that won’t fit into my little “club purses”…)  Oh, and did I tell you the best part? No, it wasn’t dressing-up like an 80’s Rock Vixen – they played my fav Journey song (a request of mine). I love you guys.


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BTW: Put in an appearance at an after-show thing (non-Hairstrike) that was “interesting”, but a subject better served-up elsewhere in the blog – you’ll have to find it on your own.


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