The Magician, The Hierophant, and the Three of Cups

Before I begin I’d like to talk about spreads. The type of Tarot spread you use can be dependent upon what you’re trying to accomplish. (For example, if the Querent is seeking an answer to a specific question you might want use the Yes-or-No Tarot spread. If the Querent wants an in-depth look at their past-present-future you would probably employ the Celtic Cross – and so on.) Some of the more popular ones include:  The Celtic Cross, Astrological, Cross and Triangle, Horshoe, Five Card, Yes-or-No, and the Basic Three Card spreads.

The key to any Tarot reading is establishing INTENT. While shuffling/cutting the deck (I suggest three times, at a minimum) – note that there is no wrong way to do this – the Querent should focus their energy on whatever is being asked of the cards. This creates a bond linking the Querent to the Tarot, thus opening a line of communication between them. This link is why I prefer the Querent to shuffle/cut instead of doing it for them.

I also feel it’s important to instruct the Tarot on how we intend to interpet any cards that are upside-down (reversed). Should they be read as upright? Should they be read as upright with greater emphasis given? Or shall we just let the cards fall as they may (pun intended) and read them as reversed? The Querent should establish these guidelines while they are shuffling/cutting.

As a Tarot Reader you can choose how to read a spread any way you want regardless of its original purpose. For example, the Basic Three Card Spread is normally used to show the Querent’s immediate past, the present, and the near future; however, when doing a reading for myself (being both Querent and Reader) I sometimes ask the Tarot to “Tell me a story” instead.

I love this “storyline” narrative, as I’m one of those people who prefers to understand the mechanics behind my emotions/feelings. This narrative provides me with the information I’m looking for. In addition, I’m able to interpret messages visually instead of using the cards’ intended meaning(s). (Always trust your first impression. Your instincts are never wrong.) For example, the Three of Grails (Cups) is called the Lord of Abundance, but in the spread below it represents something completely different to me – as you’ll see…

We’ll get to that Three of Grails in a minute, but first let’s talk about the initial card I drew:  The Magician. It is the planetary Trump of Mercury so it has ties to Gemini. As it’s numbered 1 in the Tarot, some also associate it with the astrological sign of Aries. Looking at the card I see a great deal of Aries’ fiery energy. Perhaps that is why I felt its hot intensity pulsating when my hand initially came into contact with it. You can see that heat swirling around the magician; blowing his hair and cloak about and fanning the flames around the cross he holds. The Magician is the alchemist turning lead to gold (or in this case, blood). It is the card of will-power, drive, and self-realization.

n. fulfillment of one’s own potential

In the middle we have another Trump card:  The Hierophant. The Hierophant is our spiritual guide and advisor. Where the previous card spoke of fulfilling one’s potential, this one tells us to trust our instincts when delving into whatever issue is at hand. The Magician and The Hierophant together, side-by-side, shows there’s some potent mojo at work here!

Which now brings us to the Three of Grails (Cups). You can see I’ve deliberately “torn it away” from the other two cards. This card represents a family dynamic of three individuals. One in which I do not belong and thus am separate from. To be perfectly honest, this dynamic is not something I wish to be a part of. But it can prove inconvenient at times.

My take away from this reading is to remain quiet and independent; and do not depend upon, be influenced by, or be concerned with this trio of individuals. Do not allow them to ruffle your feathers, disturb your focus, or otherwise color your emotions. Distance yourself from them emotionally and spiritually. Safety and security lies in your strength of conviction. Become your own “family dynamic” of one.

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