Me and My Sha-a-a-dow

Every so often, I feel compelled to do a Tarot reading. Yesterday I did a 3-card draw entitled “Tell Me a Story”. I didn’t have a specific question. I just wanted an overview of what’s going on with me at this moment in time…

The cards on either side of Temperance clearly constitute a part of me that’s been particularly troubling lately:  my Shadow Self.


“…the Shadow Self is an archetype that forms part of the unconscious mind and is composed of repressed ideas, instincts, impulses, weaknesses, desires, perversions, and embarrassing fears…Jung believed that this latent energy is present in all of us, in many instances forming a strong source of creative energy.”

Long before I heard of Carl Jung or his theories on the Shadow Self, I was aware of my “dark side”. As a child I used Shadow’s energy to express myself artistically. As an adult I was more aware of its need to vent pent-up frustrations or anger – as well as channeling it creatively. Until now, I’ve always had alone time in which to vent in solitude; but now that I’m rarely alone I’ve forced Her (I see my Shadow as a huge black panther) to remain caged. As a result, She has become a snarling, angry creature.

The card on the left (7 of Skulls) represents me trying to repress my inner beast; while the card on the right (Prince of Knives) illustrates the beast unleashed. Temperance indicates my need to unify these two extremes in order to achieve a balance.

This spread is urging me to spend some quality time with my Shadow. To work with Her so that She will be productive instead of destructive. I need to do some Shadow Work.

As I was writing this Post, the song “Me and My Shadow” kept playing in my head…this is the version I like best:

ℳ –


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