Metal Cats ~ and their Humans

I trust all of you had a Happy Christmas and that Santa Claws gave you lots of presents. I’ve been poring over one of my Xmas goodies:

Having a love of both Mëtal and Felines, this book is to me what catnip is to a kitten! All the cats (and their head-banging owners) are beautiful and more than a few resemble their owners. But I do have some favorites…

Don’t you love these two together? I’m not sure which one is more compelling.
I love the markings on Fred – and that chin! What a cool cat.

I have a fondness for the Cornish Rex breed. They are reminiscent of the Siamese in the shape of their head, large ears, and streamlined body; but instead of hair, they are covered in curly down and even have curly whiskers! (Jeff has a nice smile, too.)

It’s obvious why these two were chosen to grace the cover.
Jason’s mischievous good looks provide the perfect foil for Oliver’s grumpy-cat persona.

With this pair, it’s all about the luxuriant hair!

There were many black cats in the book, but this one has charisma
– a presence that reminds me of my Diego.

OK, I get more of an 80’s Glam Metal vibe here, Hollywood-style (Which you know I’M loving!)

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